Are Your Commuting Costs Driving You Mad?

We’re not even into March yet and the media is blowing the $4-$5 gas horn already. Of course, those of you in Hawaii, metro Chicago and other high-cost gas territories know what this is like right now. As commuting costs rise, it’s frustrating for a lot of accountants (and the rest of the workforce) when they realize that these increases reduce the number of times they can go to restaurants, attend ball games, get bikini waxes, etc.

According to a recent survey by Accounting Principals, here’s what people are spending going to and from work each month:

$201 or more – 12%
$101-$200 – 18%
$61-$100 – 18%
$31-$60 – 20%
$30 or less – 17%
Nothing – 15%

Just think of all your money that could be spent on candy and gum…